Resources + Research

This is a collection of documents and links of interest to emerging architecture practitioners across Canada. Let us know if you think something should be added to the list!


RAIC EP Continuing Education Presentations

The following are PDFs of conference presentations and workshops by members of the RAIC EP since 2015.


Intern Architects

RAIC EP gathers, discusses and distributes information on Intern Architects across the country.

  • National map of Intern Architects across Canada (2016)
  • Video Interviews with design practice leaders across Canada (2017) – full video | abridged video
  • OAA Interns’ Forum Paper: BEcoming an Architect: Sustaining Our Future


Architecture Students


Diversity and Inclusiveness in Architecture

  • BEA (Building Equality in Architecture):
  • Parlour Guides (Australia):
    • “There is no one reason for women’s significant under representation in architecture and no one solution. The Guides provide multiple tactics to deal with multiple issues. They also recognise that gender inequity needs to be tackled by us all: women and men, employers and employees, students and practitioners, universities and professional bodies, we all have the ability, and the obligation, to make a difference.”
  • RAIC EP Presentation from the 2018 RAIC Festival (Saint John): Supporting Inclusiveness in Architecture
  • Architects Journal (UK) annual architecture survey:
  • Equity by Design (USA) annual architecture survey: