courses and lectures

The RAIC EP has presented a Continuing Education session focused on issues faced by Intern Architects and other emerging practitioners (EPs) at the RAIC Festival since 2015. Our first initiative to help support Intern Architects in preparing for the ExAC, as well as EPs more generally, was the organization of a National Building Code (NBC) Webinar in Fall 2016. Since that time, we have continued to offer the NBC Webinar and have expanded our course offerings to include those listed below. Click on each for more information. 

National Building Code (NBC) Webinar

RAIC Emerging Practitioners (RAIC EP), is pleased to offer webinars on Part 3 and Part 9 of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC). These courses are designed to bridge the path between architectural education and practice; providing practical knowledge and experience aligned with the Internship in Architecture (IAP) program’s requirements.

Bidding, Contract Award and Contract Administration Webinar

The RAIC Emerging Practitioners group have developed a comprehensive and interactive Contract Administration live webinar and lecture session with CA expert, CHOP contributor and experienced instructor Jim Mansfield and Senior Contract Administrator, Michael Paquette. This advanced course goes beyond the reference materials into the practical application of the procedures and theory giving you insights to Bidding & Contract Award and Contract Administration you could not learn by studying alone.

RAIC EP Workshops and Lectures and the RAIC Conference 

RAIC EP has conducted either a workshop or presentation on a topic of interest to emerging practitioners at the annual RAIC Conference every year since 2015.