Architecture in Canada

Provincial/Territorial Regulators

Architecture is a self-regulated profession in Canada and is administered within each province or territory by an architecture association composed of Architects who are licensed to practice in that province or territory. Architects can be members of more than one provincial or territorial association. You can find the contact information and web site for each association at the link below.

Becoming a licensed architect in Canada generally involves registering as an Intern Architect with a provincial or territorial association. Some associations elect an individual(s) to represent the Intern Architect population. See below for a list of the current Intern Architect Representative(s) for each province or territory and the Syllabus Program, whether they sit on Council, and if so whether it is a voting or non-voting position:

Province/Territory Intern Representative Intern sits on Council Voting or Non-Voting
Alberta Erin Chartrand No N/A
British Columbia Aaron Urion Yes Non-voting
Manitoba Bobbi MacLennan Yes Voting
Manitoba K.C. McCormick Yes Voting
New Brunswick Carrie McMath Yes Non-voting
Newfoundland and Labrador Michela Boschetti No (Yes on NLAA) Non-voting
Nova Scotia None No N/A
North West Territories Bronwyn Rorke Yes Voting
Ontario Alberto Temprano Yes Non-voting
PEI Chris Friel No N/A
Quebec Alexandre Hamlyn Yes Non-voting
Saskatchewan Brenda Dale McLean No N/A
CASA Daniel Smith N/A N/A
CASA Jason Farra N/A N/A
Syllabus Mallory Blaine N/A N/A


Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC)

The RAIC is the national advocacy body for architecture in Canada. Learn more here:


RAIC Emerging Practitioners (RAIC-EP)

RAIC EP is a group within the RAIC that advocates specifically for those on the path to licensure and those recently licensed. Learn more here.


Architecture School

There are 12 accredited architecture schools in Canada. Schools are accredited by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB). Attending an accredited architecture program is part of the typical path to becoming a licensed Architect in Canada, but there are alternative paths as well. See more information here.