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Congratulations to Stefan Klassen – Masters of Architecture student at the University of Manitoba – on his winning submission!




The RAIC Emerging Practitioners/IRAC Relève Professionnelle is a national initiative, founded, directed and governed by emerging practitioners in the field of architecture. Our mission is to connect emerging practitioners across Canada, in order to serve, inspire and advocate for their continued professional growth.

The RAIC EP/IRAC RP will be formally launched at the Festival of Architecture – Nanaimo 2016 and we need an exciting, simple and iconic logo to represent our organization and its intent. This competition provides an opportunity for entrants to be a part of the formation, and future, of this exciting initiative while showcasing the creativity of emerging practitioners.



This competition is open to all architecture students, graduates, syllabus students, interns, and newly licensed architects (up to 5 years post-licensure) registered and residing in Canada.  Submissions will be accepted from both individuals and teams. There is no maximum to the number of entries per person or team.



Email entries to competitions@raicep.ca no later than 11:59pm Central Time on May 27/2016. Late entries will not be accepted.



  •   Email size (for submissions) to be a maximum of 5MB.
  •   Entries must be submitted digitally in .eps vector format as well as PDF
  •   PDF to include:
    • page 1 – entrant / team information, and
    • page 2 – logo design.



PAGE 1 – 8.5” x 11”

  • Name
  • Association registered under and membership status (intern architect, architect, graduate architect, etc.) or university and program enrolled in and year of study or RAIC membership status and year enrolled in syllabus program
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number and e-mail address



PAGE 2 – 8.5” x 11” – Do NOT write your name or team name on page 2

Size of logo to be submitted within 8”x6” area on 8.5”x11” page

  • Colour: No limitation on number of colours used, however, logo must be legible and distinct in both colour and black and white.
  • Professionalism: This logo must reflect the professionalism required of a national body in the field of architecture.
  • Aesthetics: Design should be eye-catching, simple, iconic and recognizable.
  • Adaptability: The logo must be easily reproduced and scalable for large and small formatting, able to be printed on all types of media.
  • Integrity: Logo entries must be original and not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Bilingualism: the logo must be presented as a single bilingual logo.
  • Content: “RAIC EP” + “IRAC RP” must be included in the logo graphic.



The competition jury consists of members from the architectural community across Canada. The jury will judge the blind submission and choose a winning entry based on the criteria noted. The decision of the jury will be final.



  1. Elsa Lam – Editor at Canadian Architect Magazine
  2. Tyler Loewen – RAIC Intern Director  
  3. Maxime-Alexis Frappier  Associate at ACDF* Architecture, RAIC Young Architect Award
  4. Rachelle Lemieux – Past RAIC Intern Director  + Emerging Practitioners Steering Committee
  5. Michael Cox – RAIC 2nd Vice-President + Regional Director, Saskatchewan/Manitoba



1st prize: $1000 Canadian Dollars + 1 RAIC registration membership for 1 year
2nd prize: $400 Canadian Dollars + CCA gift prize
3rd prize: Honorable mention + CCA gift prize



May 06/2016 Announcement of Competition

May 27/2016 (11:59pm Central Time) Deadline for Submissions

June 08/2016 Announce winner for logo competition at Festival of Architecture – Nanaimo 2016



All questions are to be directed to competitions@raicep.ca before May 24/2016, 11:59pm Central Time.



The selected design will become the property of the RAIC and revision, as and where required, will be made. The RAIC would however respect the integrity of its design and would consult with the winning designer(s), under such circumstances.

The RAIC EP/IRAC RP is under no obligation to choose any of the submitted logo designs.

The RAIC EP/IRAC RP reserves the right to request modifications or enhancement of logo submissions to the winning entrant.

If your logo is chosen you must transfer ownership of your design to the RAIC EP/IRAC RP.

All submissions become the sole property of the RAIC EP/IRAC RP and will not be returned.


By participating in this contest, young Canadians have the opportunity to participate and contribute in an original way to this important milestone in Canadian Architectural history. For more information, check out our website www.raicep.ca, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @raicep_iracrp and on our Facebook page RAIC Emerging Practitioners / IRAC Relève Professionnelle

The RAIC Emerging Practitioners Competition is organized and presented by Emerging Practitioners, Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), and the RAIC.