RAIC Emerging Practitioners (RAIC-EP) | IRAC Relève professionnelle (IRAC-RP) is a group of Architects and Intern Architects within the Royal Architects Institute of Canada (RAIC) that is dedicated to intern support and advocacy. We recognize that interns and emerging practitioners are the future of our profession. Through communication and coordination with students, universities, regulators, Architects, syllabus program participants and intern architects, we are working to improve and support the path to architectural licensure.

All RAIC members who fall into the categories listed below are considered the focus of the RAIC EP:

  • Interns or Intern Architects
  • Graduates
  • Student Associates
  • Syllabus Program Participants
  • Recently Licensed Architects (up to ten years post-licensure)


The mission of the RAIC Emerging Practitioners (RAIC-EP) | IRAC Relève professionnelle (IRAC-RP) is to connect and strengthen the voice of emerging architecture practitioners across Canada in order to serve, inspire and advocate for their continued professional growth on the path to licensure.

RAIC EP will serve as a link and provide a sense of continuity in the professional development of emerging practitioners from students in an academic setting through to becoming licensed members of the architectural profession.



  1. Advocating
    • Provide advocacy and support around emerging practitioners related issues.
    • Contribute to and advance the dialogue between emerging practitioners (EPs), professionals, educators and regulators.
    • Provide recognition and accountability for emerging practitioners.
  2. Networking
    • Provide a forum for emerging practitioners to help one another, collaborate and share.
    • Provide national networking opportunities for emerging practitioners.
    • Explore opportunities to partner with similar architectural internship organizations internationally.
  3. Educating
    • Provide a single national resource for information, questions, and intern and other EP-related issues.
    • Gather input on issues affecting the EP-demographic and share nationally.


The benefits of membership include:

  1. Connecting to the wider architectural community across Canada
    • Being a part of the RAIC and RAIC-EP will keep you up to date with what is happening in the architectural profession across the country as well as connect with key individuals who are active in the architectural community
    • Connect with other emerging practitioners
  2. Access to resources
    • Survey and workshop findings, regulator and university information regarding support of interns and EP, list of intern architect representatives in provincial/territorial associations, firm interviews with emerging practices, con-ed presentations, links to scholarships and grants and studies regarding EP
  3. Reduced fee on all RAIC EP/IRAC RP events (such as webinars)
  4. Keep up to date on RAIC EP/IRAC RP events and initiatives
  5. Keep up to date with & share other events relevant to EP across the country
    • The RAIC EP/IRAC RP is looking to develop an online forum and live calendar to allow emerging practitioners across the country to  share events relevant to EP
  6. The opportunity to participate in addressing issues which concern you!
  7. Access to all RAIC member benefits (visit the RAIC website for full list – https://www.raic.org/)


Joining the RAIC is easy! For more information, go to this page.

For membership rates, check out this page.

Have some questions about membership?  We’ve got you covered. And of course, always feel free to contact us at the RAIC EP with any additional queries about the how, where, when and why’s of joining the RAIC.



The RAIC EP/IRAC RP is a young group, having formed in May of 2016. By getting involved now you will work with other energetic and motivated emerging practitioners to help shape what this group will become and make it the best it can be for all of its members. We believe all RAIC members’ input is valuable so please share your insights and get in contact with us!

There are many ways to get involved:

  1. Join the Steering Committee
    • composed of the chair, vice chair, director of external communications officer, director of resources/knowledge, director of media, director of events/competitions (for more info, please review our Terms of Reference document.
    • watch the RAIC newsletter and this website for announcements of open Steering Committee positions
  2. Help out with initiatives/events
  3. Become a member of the RAIC 
  4. Join us at the RAIC Festival — held annually in different locations across Canada — to attend continuing education sessions and/or at our AGM to share your thoughts on being an architectural EP in Canada.
  5. Get in contact with us and share your thoughts

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved in any of the capacities listed above or if you have ideas for initiatives you would like to see!



Meet the emerging practitioners from across Canada who volunteer their time to make the RAIC EP work:


Chair: Fotini Pitoglou

Fotini is a licensed architect in Ontario, the UK and Greece, with a broad work experience ranging from high-profile institutional to high-rise mixed-use projects. Her work has been published on various websites in the architecture industry, and presented at the Changing Cities conference.

Additionally, Fotini is actively involved within the architectural community, being an executive member of BEAT, as well as through mentoring students and young architects. Most recently, she has been developing a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering vulnerable communities impacted by tourism.

As the Chair of RAIC EP Committee, Fotini is determined to create an open and inspiring community of young practitioners and encourage minorities to complete their licensing and stay in the profession. Furthermore, she aims to promote and educate the new era of architects on sustainable design and be part of RAIC EP continuing education programs.


Vice Chair: Liam Guitard

Having completed his Master of Architecture at Dalhousie University’s School of Architecture and a business degree at the University of New Brunswick, Liam worked as an Intern Architect in Montréal and now practices in his hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick. For Liam, architecture is a way of seeing and shaping the word around us and a set of intertwined technological, environmental and cultural systems.

Liam’s dissertation focused on the infrastructural challenges along waterways and deltas effectuated by climate change. Specifically evaluating climate scenarios along the Saint John River in Fredericton, New Brunswick and their impact on future built environments. His interest in systemic challenges guides his practice as he moves forward in his career.

While at Dalhousie University Liam was actively involved in the Dalhousie Architecture Students Association and sat as Co-President. Through joining the RAIC EP, Liam hopes to advocate for interns across Canada.


Knowledge: Afsaneh Asayesh

In 2013, Afsaneh joined the OAA’s “The Interns Forum”, tasked with producing a position paper on Internship for the CACB’s 214 Conference. She played a key role in creating and writing the paper “Becoming an Architect : Shaping Our Future”, and prepared a Con Ed session based on the paper, co-presenting it at the 2015 OAA Conference. Afsaneh was also a member of the OAA’s first “Intern’s Committee” launched in 2014 and tasked with implementing the recommendations of the white paper. During her time on the committee, initiatives such as making the committee permanent, having university student and faculty representatives as members, and creating the first intern position on the OAA council were brought to fruition. At the 2014 CACB Conference, Afsaneh spearheaded the founding of Canada’s first advocacy group for emerging practitioners. Along with Interns from several other provinces and in partnership with the RAIC the advocacy group RAIC EP/IRAC RP (RAIC Emerging Practitioners) was founded in 2016. Afsaneh has served as Director of Knowledge for the committee since, preparing and delivering two continuing education sessions on interns’ issues; coordinating and organizing the first National Webinar on Part 3 of the National Building Code of Canada followed by a Webinar on Part 9 of the NBC in 2017 and one on Construction Administration in 2018.

Afsaneh is licensed with the OAA and ARIDO. She has worked on a variety of projects in Canada, the US, G.B., and Iran, leading multidisciplinary professional teams on projects ranging up to $20 million in construction value. Afsaneh has also worked as developer and architect on projects in the US and Canada.


Events: Ksenia Eic

Ksenia has spent the last 5 years advocating for and supporting intern architects, students and recently licensed architects across Canada as part of the RAIC Emerging Practitioners Committee, being one of the founding members and past chair. She has also acted as the intern architect representative, as well as treasurer, for the Northwest Territories Association of Architects and, as such, has a great interest in providing resources and con-ed opportunities to EP members in the more remote, under-served areas of Canada.

Ksenia is an architect registered in the Northwest Territories and Ontario and is a managing associate of the Yellowknife-based firm Taylor Architecture Group. Ksenia has worked on a wide range of new build and renovation projects throughout the north, including schools, offices and arenas.


Media + External Communication: Graeme Haunholter

Graeme is an intern architect and freelance designer based in Edmonton. He holds a Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from the University of Alberta. Apart from architecture, Graeme also works in the fields of graphic design, product design, and photography. As an avid photographer, his work has been published both online and in print internationally.

Graeme is actively involved within the architectural community, balancing his time between the RAIC Emerging Practitioners Committee and the RAIC Alberta Chapter. As the Media and External Communication chair for the RAIC EP, he aims to develop and strengthen the presence of emerging practitioners among schools, firms, and individuals alike. Graeme joined the committee to be part of the national body of young professionals advocating design excellence through responsible architecture, while providing a sense of continuity on the path to licensure.


Syllabus Rep: Ken MacPherson

Ken is a proud member of the RAIC EP Committee, balancing his days between his studies, family, and work. He is currently a student in the RAIC Syllabus Diploma program and works under the mentorship of architect/master tinkerer, Kurt Dietrich, at Kreate Architecture and Design in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Ken has a love for all things design and finds nothing more fulfilling than putting pen to paper, trying to figure out his next gallery, tree fort, or cabin design. He has been able to harness his love for design, insering it into all facets of his life, particularly in his career. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking Saskatoon berry waffles for his wife Kelsey and their three daughters, Lennon, Oaklyn, and Hollyn.


RAIC Intern Rep: Andrew Dejneka

Andrew Dejneka is a graduate of the Master of Architecture program at the University of Calgary. After graduating, Andrew joined an urban design and architecture firm in Shenzhen, China, working on projects varying in scale from city master planning to traditional wood details.

Returning to Canada, Andrew has worked in firms ranging in size from sole proprietors and 12-person offices to medium-sized firms. He has also worked on client teams. Andrew’s experience encompasses urban design, public realm, institutional and large developer projects. His development as an intern architect has also been shaped by fostering connections at the RAIC, Alberta Association of Architects, Construction Specifications Canada and the Urban Land Institute.


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