The RAIC EP is proud to announce that out of a competitive 99 entries from across Canada, the national jury has selected the winning logo design to represent the RAIC Emerging Practitioners.

Congratulations to Stefan Klassen – Masters of Architecture student at the University of Manitoba – on his winning submission! The jury felt that this design embodied the spirit of the emerging practitioners, evoking professionalism and intregrity in a unique, dynamic design. The jury was also impressed with the strong sense of equality/bilingualism portrayed through the blending of the French and English names into a unified logo.



Second place is awarded to Neal Philipsen, Intern Architect under the AAA.


And an honorable mention is awarded to Neal Philipsen, Intern Architect under the AAA, on his second entry. Well done Neal!


The RAIC EP logo competition was supported with generous support from Stantec Architecture and the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA).


Stantec Architecture is committed to laying a solid foundation through thoughtful instruction and quality training and education of emerging architects. They’re also issuing a friendly challenge to other firms to likewise lend a hand to Canada’s interns.