This is a collection of documents and links of interest to emerging architecture practitioners across Canada. Let us know if you think something should be added to the list!


Emerging Practitioners – General Interest and Information


Diversity and Inclusiveness

Parlour Guides (Australia)

“There is no one reason for women’s significant under representation in architecture and no one solution. The Guides provide multiple tactics to deal with multiple issues. They also recognise that gender inequity needs to be tackled by us all: women and men, employers and employees, students and practitioners, universities and professional bodies, we all have the ability, and the obligation, to make a difference.”



BEAT is an independent organization dedicated to supporting equality and diversity in the profession of Architecture through advocacy, community engagement, supporting minorities in Architecture and professional development. ”


Related to Becoming an Architect

Study Architecture

“Explore to find a wealth of resources, including where to learn, what to know, and the latest news in the global architecture community.”


Information about RAIC EP and Provincial Regulators


Province/Territory Intern Representative Intern sits on Council Voting or Non-Voting
Alberta Erin Chartrand No N/A
British Columbia Aaron Urion Yes Non-voting
Manitoba Bobbi MacLennan Yes Voting
Manitoba K.C. McCormick Yes Voting
New Brunswick Carrie McMath Yes Non-voting
Newfoundland and Labrador Michela Boschetti No (Yes on NLAA) Non-voting
Nova Scotia None No N/A
North West Territories Bronwyn Rorke Yes Voting
Ontario Ana Stefanovic Yes Non-voting
PEI Chris Friel No N/A
Quebec Alexandre Hamlyn Yes Non-voting
Saskatchewan Brenda Dale McLean No N/A
CASA Daniel Smith N/A N/A
CASA Jason Farra N/A N/A
Syllabus Mallory Blaine N/A N/A


Scholarships and Grants

Moriyama Scholarship:


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